PDMA, Transparency, OIG and Beyond

The 2017 Sharing Conference

PDMA Alliance

Sunday, Oct. 22 through Tuesday, Oct. 24, 2017

Baltimore Marriott Waterfront • 700 Aliceanna Street • Maryland

About the Conference

It was more than 25 years ago when a small group of pharmaceutical professionals came together, intent on gaining a more thorough understanding of the then-recently legislated Prescription Drug Marketing Act. Since that first, small “sharing” meeting, we have grown to become the industry’s foremost pharmaceutical compliance and sample accountability conference. Year by year, we have been building our ranks as members of The PDMA Alliance, the not-for-profit organization that stands behind the annual conference. The PDMA Alliance, led by Deb Segura, our Executive Director, is comprised of pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech compliance professionals who earn free annual membership status when they register for each year’s conference – it’s a year-long membership that begins with conference registration and continues until the start of the following year’s conference.


As we have grown, so have the complex issues that challenge our industry, and so has our conference agenda expanded with each passing year. Our intent is to address the compliance challenges we face daily and explore realistic solutions. Today, more than ever before, we are covering a number of serious topics including:

CMS Open Payments  •  Regulatory Gray Areas  •  Outsourcing  •  Fraud & Abuse  •  Best Business Practices
SOPs  •  Business Ethics  •  Alternative Sampling  •  Inspection Readiness  •  OIG  •  Training  •  CIAs  •  For Cause Audits
Risk Mitigation & Assessment  •  Off Label Promotion  •  DQSA & DSCSA  •  State Requirements Disclosure Reporting
Employee Misconduct  •  Practitioner Validation  •  Monitoring & Auditing  •  DEA Compliance  •  Data Intelligence

Internal & External Investigations  •  Sample Accountability & Compliance  •  Speaker Programs

Operational Management  •  Data Integrity  •  Field Force Monitoring  •  Credentialing  •  340B Drug Discounts

When the conference began, it was in direct response to the Prescription Drug Marketing Act and its impact on pharmaceutical sample compliance. Today, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers are being challenged further with an increase in disclosure and transparency regulations, especially with the new requirements in Sections 6002 and 6004 of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). Companies are required to collect a tremendous amount of data, often in many different formats, and the challenge is to find the best compliant aggregate spend solutions. Today, we are looking at many areas of compliance, examining why and how they affect us, delving deeper into areas that touch PDMA compliance.


In addition to sharpening our educational focus, we also continue to expand our outreach to include pharmaceutical professionals who are not directly involved in compliance and/or solely responsible for sample accountability policies. So many of these individuals who have been affected and influenced by the PDMA and other federal and state compliance legislative mandates have eagerly responded to our invitation to learn more. Their participation has been enlightening, broadening our perspective and enriching our approach in finding solutions.


In terms of finding solutions to pharmaceutical compliance challenges, the contribution of our vendor partners continues to be significant. From our earliest days, our vendor partners have been supporting us by exhibiting at the conference and giving participants the opportunity to see and experience first hand the many solution-driven products and services they offer. Our vendor partners are considered full-fledged members of the  Alliance, and when they attend the conference, they are one with us, sharing our mission to ensure a safe drug supply for our nation. They participate side by side with our pharmaceutical and medical device compliance attendees, learning and sharing together throughout scheduled and informal conference events.


For those of you who are visiting our website for the first time and are thinking about joining us for future Sharing Conferences, keep in mind that the Alliance is a year-round organization. When you register to attend the conference, you will be given password protected access to Members Only, entitling you to year-long information on the topics we have addressed throughout the years at our conferences… and more.


We hope you’ll plan to be with us for the 2017 Sharing Conference. Early Bird Registration will open in January. In the meantime, if you have a question that has not been answered here, email us anytime for a personal response.


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